University Placement

graduated students jumping with joy

The goal of virtually every Birmingham College student is to attend university. Consequently, it is one of Birmingham’s highest priorities to help our students with their university placement requirements. Birmingham’s University Placement Service assists students to select the school right for you and secure your admission. It will greatly shorten and simplify the application process.

Education Planning: Help students develop specific education plans based on various university entry requirements.

Workshops: Provide free workshops on university application, university programs, and university life.

U Selection: We help students find schools that best match their educational goals and academic background.

U Trip: Organize visits for the students to the universities that they wish to attend.

Document Processing: BICC will handle all the applications and correspondence to the school(s) selected.

Scholarship: Assist students with scholarship applications.

Recommendation: Upon student request, provide a Letter of Recommendation from the Principal.

Language Examination: Provide specific courses and programs to help students prepare and proceed with their TOEFL, TOEIC, and IELTS tests.

Credential Evaluation: When required, for an additional cost, we can have your home-country high school and/or university transcripts and credentials certified.

Interview: Contact university admission officers, registrars, or faculty deans on behalf of our students to arrange personal interviews or to resolve any potential problems during the application process.

Notification: Notify students of their academic acceptance and forward acceptance materials to them.


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